We will be taking on a new initiative as a part of our greater goal here at The Holocaust Blueprint. As anti-Semitism and other hate crimes arise across the world, it has become increasingly important to spread vital information and education to help those who are seeking or unaware of the Holocaust.

One of the few facts that people tend to know is the number ‘6 million.’ 6 million Jewish victims. This initiative is to put names and faces to these numbers, and the goal is to expand outside of just victims and to include Holocaust survivors. We want users across the world to be able to access information about victims and survivors that include before, during, and after the Holocaust (if they are a survivor). This information is primarily retrieved from family members/the survivors themselves, and we also use diaries and other public resources to record information and publish it.

We encourage everyone who lost family members in the Holocaust to contact us regarding their family member’s story, and we encourage everyone to submit information regarding any survivor family members that they may have. It is important that we break free of the stigma of ‘6 million,’ and we address the reality: 6 million lives were lost, and many more were impacted by the Nazi regime in irreparable ways.

This initiative began on 10/23/2019, and we hope to continue this initiative through the support of the community.

If you would like to submit information and/or get into contact with our team, please use the form below.

The Holocaust Blueprint

Please send all photographs of the victim/survivor to [email protected]

Story to the Name Initiative: Submitting a Biography
Please include in this format: MONTH/DAY/YEAR
Did the person you are submitting for our Story to the Number initiative survive?
Birth date, place born, what camps/ghettos they were sent to (if at all), any sort of family stories regarding their life before/after (if applicable). It is important that we are accurate and that we can provide the full picture of this person.