Kraków – Małopolska Region
Significance: Site of major ghetto
Amount Imprisoned: Around 20,000
Significance: Site of Płaszów concentration camp
Amount Imprisoned: 50,000 minimum

It is important to recognize the historical prominence of Kraków before and after World War II to truly understand the impact wrought upon the entire community.

Kraków has rich Jewish history, and the creation of the Kazimierz district is an example. Before World War II,  60,000 Jews lived in Kraków. Historians suggest that around only 10% of all Jews in Kraków survived the Holocaust.

Jews in the Kraków Ghetto suffered treacherous fates through active selection in their selection square, deportation to Płaszów concentration camp (which is the main focus of the movie The Schindler’s List), Auschwitz concentration camp, and Bełżec extermination camp.

Below are some photos of our recent visit to the city of Kraków. These pictures (as of this update) only include the first day of our tour. More photos will be added, and more information will be added as well.

We are currently working on an interactive map for “Jewish Life in Kraków.” We will be uploading photos of the areas soon, but we have put a very heavy focus on this interactive.


Old City:

Kazimierz [Jewish District]:

Kraków Ghetto:

Schindler’s Factory:

Płaszów Concentration Camp:



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