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Rutka Laskier

Born: ??? 1929 – Free City of Danzig (Now known as Gdańsk, Poland)
Died: Believed to have died at the end of 1943 at Auschwitz Concentration Camp
Parents: Dvorah Hampel (Mother) and Yaacov Laskier (Father)
Siblings: Henius Laskier (Brother), Zahava (Laskier) Scherz (Step-Sister)
Career Interest: 
Diary Title: Diary of Rutka Laskier

“If only I could say, it’s over, you die only once… But I can’t, because despite all these atrocities, I want to live, and wait for the following day.” 

– Rutka Laskier on February 20th, 1943[1]

In Rutka’s diary, she discusses the topics of love and marriage quite often. Rutka is engulfed by the hatred of the Nazis, who have placed her in the Będzin Ghetto. Rutka talks about the “Aktions” held by the Nazis, and she mentions her own fears of the future in the diary through many different facets (including marriage).

Rutka’s diary is quite short, but the young girl shows her humanity through her yearning for love and affection in a time where malice was commonplace. Rutka’s diary was hidden and later found.

Rutka was a Polish Jew, and she would die at the age of 14 at Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

[1] Rutka Laskier – Rutka’s Notebook: A Voice from the Holocaust – ISBN 978-1603200196