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Moshe Ze’ev Flinker

Born: October 9, 1926
Died: Believed to have died from typhus in January 1945 at Bergen-Belsen
Parents: Eliezer Noah Flinker (Father)
Siblings:  Leah (Sister) and Esther Malka (Sister) and four other unnamed siblings
Career Interest: Unknown
Diary Title:  Young Moshe’s Diary

“The law condemns us. Just as there is a law against stealing, so there is a law to persecute the Jews.
So we thus see that there really is a difference between our sufferings since our exile and our anguish in these terrible times. And because of this difference we have reason to ask: Why does the Lord not prevent this, or, on the other hand, why does He permit our tormentors to persecute us? And what can be the result of these persecutions?”

– Moshe Flinker [1]

Moshe Flinker was a young diarist who lived in Holland but fled to Belgium to avoid the persecution of the Nazis. It would not last as the Nazis would eventually control his area too. Moshe was a devout Jew, and his writing often exemplifies his faith in his own religion. Moshe would often struggle with the question, “How could God let this happen?” In his diary he attempts to explain as to why he thinks the Holocaust is occurring, and he attempts to outline the Nazis’ ability to use the law against them publicly. In his own way Moshe seemed to understand the world, and his view is much different than most other diarists in that his faith is heavily spoken about. His faith had often been challenged by these atrocities, but his struggles will forever be in his diary.

[1] Moshe Flinker – Young Moshe’s Diary – Publisher: Yad Vashem and the Board of Jewish Education